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Karl Heinz Böckstiegel Foundation
legal capacity and non-profit foundation of German Private Law

Hahnenstraße 21F

50997 Cologne


T: +49 2233 923021,


Management Board authorized to represent the Foundation:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll, Cologne

Dr. Torsten Lörcher, Cologne

Foundation account:

Deutsche Bank

IBAN: DE65 3707 0060 0121 5243 00

When donations are made to the Foundation, a tax-recognized donation receipt will be sent.

Tax-Number: 219/5884/3066

Seat of the Foundation: Hahnenstraße 21F, 50997 Cologne, Germany.

The Foundation was recognized as a non-profit organization in a letter dated 9 June 2022 from the tax office Köln-Süd (notice pursuant to § 60a (1) AO on the separate determination of the statutory requirements pursuant to §§ 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO).


Supervisory Authority:

Cologne District Government
Zeughausstraße 2 – 10, 50667 Cologne, Germany